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About ICSA

The Independent Carrier Safety Association (ICSA) was established in 2019 as a non-profit 501c6 C-corporation, otherwise known as a Business League. ICSA’s mission is to improve highway safety by promoting the common safety interests of independent motor carriers. ICSA fulfills its mission by providing its members with safety tools, including technology, education, training and, for Platinum Members, the opportunity to qualify for insurance coverage.

In order to join ICSA as a Platinum Member and enjoy all benefits of membership, including discounts on services such as insurance, a carrier must agree to:

  • Purchase and install in-cab cameras, which are provided to members at a low cost normally reserved for large fleets; and
  • Enroll in ICSA’s drug testing consortium and take – or have every driver take - an initial hair follicle test, along with any DOT-required tests

Carriers that do not wish to apply for insurance coverage may join ICSA as a Gold Member. Gold Memberships cost the same amount as the Platinum Memberships and provide the same access Platinum Members have to ICSA’s safety consulting, technology, training and information services.

Gold Members may also voluntarily access in-cab cameras and/or drug consortium membership at costs normally available only to large fleets whether or not they choose to apply for insurance coverage through ICSA.

Through its collective buying power and approved vendors, ICSA provides safety and associated services at costs that members would otherwise not be able to procure on their own.

The ICSA Team

ICSA is fortunate to have one of the most experienced and recognized trucking and truck safety experts heading our team, along with two full-time safety consultants recognized for their accomplishments in the industry.

Executive Director

Karen Rasmussen

Karen Rasmussen’s interest in truck safety started when she served as Director of Public Relations for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in the late 1970s. Her love of trucking and truck safety followed her to the California Trucking Association in 1984, where she led a statewide effort to educate the public about how to drive safely around large trucks on the highway.

Karen left CTA in 1997 to become Director of Governmental Relations for Ryder System, Inc. In 2001, Karen was recruited to become President & CEO of Arizona Trucking Association. During her 11-year tenure, AzTA won numerous awards, including the 2010 summa cum laude award for the best state association truck safety program.

In 2012, Karen became President & CEO of what is now PrePass Safety Alliance, the non-profit owner of the PrePass weigh station bypass system. In late 2019, she became a Board member of the Independent Carrier Safety Association (ICSA) and ultimately became its Executive Director in June 2020. 

Karen’s reputation in the trucking industry centers on her leadership in improving truck safety and profitability. She served on American Trucking Associations’ Safety Policy Committee for 22 years, as well as on the Image and Communications Committee and the Energy & Environment Committee.

Karen served on numerous trucking boards, freight planning committees and trucking technology groups. Among her many awards are being named best state trucking association executive in 2005; one of five finalists for Outstanding Woman in trucking award in 2014; one of CCJ’s Outstanding Women in Trucking in 2016; and many other awards and accolades.

Safety Consultant

Mike Hitchcock

Mike has an extensive, life-long background as a driver, mechanic and an independent owner/operator.

Before joining ICSA, he spent 23 years at Knight Transportation, where Mike was promoted to Regional Safety Director, and ultimately to Corporate Director of Safety.

Mike  also served as Director of Recruiting and Driver Development before joining ICSA in January 2021.

Mike's position as Safety Consultant at ICSA enables him to continue working to improve highway safety. Mike understands the trucking business from both a driver’s and a fleet’s perspective. He has experienced the challenges independent carriers face as they juggle profitability while minimizing the risks of accidents or legal challenges.

Safety Consultant

Dennis Phillips

Dennis is an Ohio native who joined the U.S. Army right after he graduated from high school. In the Army, he served as a combat medic overseas and upon returning to the United States, was assigned to the ambulance and ER sections at Moncreif Army Hospital at Ft. Jackson in S.C.

Dennis acquired his CDL in 1993 and became an OTR driver for a dedicated fleet serving Ford and GM.

In 2003, he decided to move west for the warm weather, where he became an OTR driver and then a local driver for Knight Transportation, working out of its Las Vegas terminal.

After serving as a driver for about three years, Dennis was promoted first to Terminal Safety Director and then to Regional Safety Director, overseeing safety compliance for the company’s west coast operations, overseeing Dry, Port and Reefer businesses for nearly ten years. Dennis joined ICSA as its second Safety Consultant in April 2021.

Prior to joining ICSA, Dennis served as a Corporate Auditor, spending many days on the road reviewing terminal safety and compliance. A key part of that role was helping each service center reach and
maintain their DOT/FMCSA compliance. Dennis also holds three important certifications:

  1. OSHA-certified in workplace safety;
  2. as a trainer for drug and alcohol collector training; and
  3. a Smith System trainer

Dennis brings these certifications to help assist ICSA members, along with his experience both as an OTR driver and a local driver, and his insights into various types of operations. We are happy to have him on
our team!

Our services include:

  • Access to cost-effective insurance coverage and experienced claims handling for Platinum Members.
  • Reduced pricing on forward-facing cameras. No one wants to be involved in a collision, but having that event recorded can help to achieve a fair outcome. Cameras make good drivers even better drivers!
  • Access to a drug-testing consortium. We provide not only DOT-mandated drug testing, but state-of-the-art hair follicle testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy as well as to make sure substance abusers are not operating commercial vehicles.
  • Education and a voice in the industry for small carriers. We know you care about highway safety. ICSA exists to help educate motor carriers and to give them a voice to advance highway safety and train them in best practices for truck safety.
Benefits that matter to the independent carrier

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