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ICSA Member Benefits

Our non-profit organization was formed to provide independent contractors and small carriers with safety tools, safety education, a range of carrier services and critical information they need to be a part of improving safety on our highways.

What’s different about ICSA is that membership dues are more cost-effective than most other business associations can offer – starting at $100 for a carrier’s first truck and $25 for each additional truck – up to a cap of $500 regardless of fleet size.

SmartDrive Onboard Camera System

ICSA members are offered camera pricing at a cost normally only available to large fleets. Why cameras? Many drivers have a fear of video cameras, but years of experience and documentation show cameras help provide clarity when an accident occurs, especially when other parties besides the truck driver are at fault. Four-wheeler cut you off? A camera can help you prove that. The presence of cameras helps drivers drive more safely, reduces accidents and makes it easier to defend a claim if it ever goes to court.

In our experience, cameras make good drivers even better! SmartDrive doesn't just provide the video, but also gives you access to extensive video analytics through their online Response Center, all at a reduced cost. This allows a fleet to review drivers’ behavior, provide coaching to drivers who need it, and proactively prevent accidents.

Already have a camera in your cab? Great! You may be able to keep your current camera/system depending on the system and the size of your fleet.  Our customer service agents will be able to answer questions about cameras. Please contact us for more information.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

ICSA provides its members valuable cost-effective administrative services for drug testing.  ICSA’s drug and alcohol testing partner is Texas Alcohol and Drug Testing Services (TADTS). Being part of a consortium through TADTS has several advantages:

  • TADTS will handle mandatory reporting of driver drug tests to the federal Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. 
  • Being in a larger random pool reduces the frequency of random testing.
  • If you are already in a consortium, TADTS can provide the hair follicle testing required to be a Platinum Member of ICSA. Hair testing of current drivers and future CDL hires is the most reliable way to identify drivers who may be substance abusers and help ensure they are not operating commercial vehicles while impaired.

Don’t let “Texas” in the name fool you. TADTS may be based in the Lone Star state but has hundreds of drug testing facilities throughout the country to provide convenient and timely testing.

ICSA’s drug testing requirements involve a few steps:

  1. For fleets with more than one truck, adopt ICSA’s Model Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.
  2. Enroll in the TADTS drug testing consortium.
  3. Have every CDL driver (current and future) submit to a hair follicle drug test.

Members will pay TADTS directly for all related testing costs. The current cost for the annual DOT Random Pool membership is $60 regardless of fleet size. The initial hair follicle test is $90 per driver, one time only.

It is possible that drivers/fleets may be able to have DOT urine tests waived when they initially enroll in TADTS if they can show these tests have already been administered by a prior consortium. TADTS will show members how to obtain an MIS from their prior consortium to show any recent driver tests. If the DOT urine test cannot be waived, members will be charged an additional $55 per driver.

Save on insurance premiums

Carriers that agree to become Platinum Members of ICSA by, among other things, deploying in-cab cameras and following ICSA’s drug testing requirements are eligible to apply for insurance coverage via ICSA’s approved vendor/administrator, Mohave Transportation Insurance Company.

ICSA’s trucking experts recognize the challenges carriers face in securing insurance coverage at a cost they can afford. If projected increases in insurance coverage have you worried, let ICSA’s approved insurance providers review your current coverage and provide you a quote.

Our ICSA-sponsored insurance products are designed for single truck owners and small fleets. We offer superior customer service and significant savings on your insurance premiums.

More Reasons to Join ICSA

Join the savings revolution that ICSA can provide through its partnership with a major carrier service vendor and keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet. Once you join ICSA, there are no additional contract or membership fees except to renew your ICSA membership annually to access these services. For more information, please visit our partner site.